Our team always look forward to our weekly sessions with Katie, it gives us a chance to take a break from our busy days and destress then return to our desks feeling chilled, relaxed and ready to carry on the day! No matter how we are feeling that day Katie’s warm nature and positive energy really lifts the mood in the room, she never fails to make us smile. As beginners to Yoga, there have been times when we have looked on in bemusement as Katie demonstrated poses, however with her encouragement and guidance we have been able to develop our yoga so our bodies really can get in to those interesting and amazing positions! We could not of asked for a better Yoga instructor, with an unbelievable amount of experience, Katie really is a true inspiration.

Laura-Jane Boyd | Administrator, Human Resources (Corporate Yoga)

I came to Katie’s yoga class as a complete beginner 2 years ago. From a warm welcome to gentle encouragement her classes have taken me on a lovely journey. The beginners classes give an excellent grounding for the basics and now makes me think more about my postures. The Tuesday class a deeper practice with lots of options ,for all levels, on the best position for the individual. Lastly a deep relaxation is the perfect end to a class.

Jane H

Katie is an excellent, fun loving and enthusiastic Yoga teacher. I am a 64 year old person who has played a lot of sport but never tried Yoga. Katie has an ability to encourage but not push beyond our limitations. She is a lovely gentle teacher. I would recommend anyone thinking of trying Yoga to attend one of Katie’s classes.

Lynn C

I have been to many yoga classes over many years, given by many teachers, and, unsurprisingly, as in all things, it is possible to categorise them within a spectrum (of excellence in teaching in this case). At one end are those that turn up, go through the motions, take the money and run. At the other end of the spectrum are teachers who are fundamentally excellent, for, not only do “they” go the extra mile, they encourage “you”, gently and subtly to do the same. The depth, breadth and width of their training and experience is obvious, but, far from allowing this to overcomplicate their teaching, they go beyond, to a functional simplicity of what is needed by this class, right here, in this moment.
Katie Brock undoubtedly falls into this latter category.
But don’t take my word for it ladies and gentlemen, pop along to the drop in class, and you’ll find that the cost is small, for what I believe will, over time, repair your soul and make you whole…if you allow it!

Stewart J (Drop in classes)

Katie has been teaching us yoga since May this year when we arrived on Guernsey. We have been doing private sessions and have joined the beginners group on a Monday evening. We have absolutely loved our yoga sessions with Katie; she is inspirational, patient, professional and kind. Our yoga sessions have become a very important part of our week and we we love seeing Katie when she arrives with a wonderful smile.

Graham and Susanna

I do not have much time for myself generally so being able to attend Katie’s sessions in a lunch hour is very precious to me . I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the sessions and feel my body and mind refreshed as a result – it is an absolute treat in the middle of a working day for me! I am so pleased Healthspan see the health and well-being of staff as important to work.

Caroline Shakerley | Head of HR (Corporate Yoga)

I have been going to Katie’s Wednesday night classes at Beaucamps School for around 2 years. I attend several yoga classes a week and very much enjoy my Wednesday evenings with Katie (and the amazing view!). Attending Katie’s classes has enabled me to advance my yoga and I believe that I have progressed both mentally and physically in my practice over the past 2 years. Katie is a great teacher with the right amount of encouragement and understanding. I have totally fallen for yoga and Katie has been hugely influential in my practice. A big thank you to a lovely lady!

Cathy Risch

Katie is an amazing, natural teacher and has a brilliant ability to bring to the class just what is needed each week. I love that two classes are never the same and she always finds new ways to stretch your ability. She is such an inspirational person and brings a sense of harmony to each class, I always leave feeling so balanced and restored. I really treasure my weekly practice with Katie.

Sarah (Healthspan Corporate Yoga)

I first met Katie on her Back to Basics course earlier this year. I’d had a little yoga experience but was quite nervous about joining a class. She said it wasn’t about ego or what the person next to you can do, it was about us being in a room together, sharing our practice and that we’re all different – that’s when I knew I was in the right class! She’s an amazing teacher, a caring, inspirational person, always happy to share what she’s learnt from her own life experiences and give guidance and encouragement. I also attended Katie’s summer yoga retreat at the Fermain Valley Hotel, which was fabulous. To be able to further my yoga practice, enjoy relaxing treatments, make new friends and not have to return to the ‘real world’ just for a couple days was just what we alI needed. I can’t recommend her classes or retreats highly enough.

Clare Nicholson

Katie provides a space to retreat on a Wednesday evening at 6pm to relax and re-centre oneself which is most welcome after a busy, perhaps stressful day – a haven with beautiful aromas and gentle lighting. Her soft and compelling voice completes a truly unique experience. When you leave class you are whole once more and ready for whatever life presents!

Margaret M

I re-started my yoga practice a year ago and have undertaken two of Katie’s beginners courses, a two day retreat and various drop in classes. Katie is a wonderful teacher and a true inspiration. Her classes are structured and tailored to all different competencies and she gives constant support and direction. During the past year my practice has developed and grown and I am feeling the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga has and continues to be such a positive in my live and truly gives me a sense of wellbeing, peace and calm. My journey with yoga and Katie is just beginning and I am looking forward to continuing my practice next year and beyond.

Candice Le T

Katie is an amazing teacher. She is inspirational as a person and wonderfully encouraging to her students. She has a gift for knowing what kind of practice is needed and is able to effortlessly create a beautiful set of asanas to suit. I wasn’t sure what to expect from private sessions but they have been the best treat I’ve given myself – and my experiences have ranged from getting fits of the giggles at the appearance of unexpected delivery men to quiet stillness and serious amazement at getting into my first headstand. I cannot recommend Katie highly enough.

Charlotte (Private Yoga Classes)

Katie is a very natural teacher and true inspiration. As a real beginner she taught me to be patient, believe I could improve and to never judge myself, she is incredibly motivating by encouraging and supporting in her class and teaches in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Beckie Kelling

I was very lucky to meet Katie last year at the beginning of my pregnancy. I was looking for a very open person who could support my practice during this precious time and Katie was just the most wonderful person to meet. She has been a true support, adapting each session to my needs, my limits and my body which were changing all the time. But most importantly, Katie has helped me to connect with my baby and she acknowledged her presence all the time so it felt like we were three of us during our sessions. It was a great prelude to my baby’s arrival. Katie is a beautiful person, full of energy and light and I can only wish that each mother to-be has the chance to meet her.

Marie-Agnes (Private Prenatal Yoga Classes)

As a bloke I was a little apprehensive about starting yoga as I only ever thought of it as being for girls! I need not have been so skeptical. In my first class with Katie I was surprised to see that almost half the class was actually male. Katie is a passionate individual and her infectious enthusiasm for all things yoga feeds through to her students. As a runner, Katie has taught me the importance of stretching and breathing properly. Both these aspects of yoga I have applied to my running which has transformed my energy levels, fitness and my ability to manage aches and pains.
I have also experienced Katie’s ayuverdic massage which will leave you feeling supple like an olympic gymnast and more flexible than the state of Nevada’s gun laws. I wouldn’t plan anything for at least 3 hours after your massage as you will be far too relaxed to function!

Guy Brown

Katie is a very grounded teacher with a welcoming and warm disposition, gentle and calming, yet still facilitates to hold a safe space where I feel comfortable challenging myself to break through the limitations which my mind tries to protect – thank you for being the loving and inspirational soul that you are.

Kristine Garlan-Hando

Katie’s private classes leave us feeling restored mentally and physically. She tailors the selected breathing, movement and relaxation practices skilfully to our individual needs and we always sleep well afterwards! She encourages us to challenge ourselves within a warm and informal class atmosphere.

Helen (Private Yoga classes)

Katie has a natural warm, relaxed and caring teaching manner, just like her personality. She encourages her students without pushing them beyond their limits which ensures her classes are challenging, but also hugely enjoyable. Katie’s classes leave you relaxed and re-energised and with a smile on your face.

Alison Jones

Pre natal yoga with Katie was a very precious time in the months before my second baby. I have a toddler who kept me busy and an hour a week devoted to preparing for birth was very well spent. Katie helped me prepare my mind and body and thanks to her I found it much easier to slip into a relaxed state during my labour, breathe and channel my inner goddess! I have a very content and happy new baby too ❤️ thanks Katie!

Lizzie (Private Prenatal Yoga classes)

Katie is a ray of sunshine and encouraging and patient in her teaching. She has a positive and relaxing nature and always has a big smile for everyone.

Jocelyn Cox

We had a fantastic private session at home for the family and were very pleased. Katie provided us with some incredibly helpful advice and specialised areas for us to work on. A lovely way to spend a family morning together!

Debbie Sebire (Private family Yoga classes)

I love Katie’s classes, to me they are what yoga is all about, conscious nurturing and balancing – Katie’s beautiful soothing voice encourages each student to be comfortable within themselves and allows them the freedom to practise within their physical capabilities.

Angele Plimley, Gita Yoga

I began my yoga journey with Katie 4 months ago. She firstly gave me a fantastic massage and then I began regular private lessons with her in my home. Katie has taken me from having no experience at all to having the confidence to go to group classes and experience a variety of yoga with different teachers. I have laughed and cried on my mat. Katie makes me feel totally at ease and believe in myself. We have become good friends which is an added bonus. I absolutely love my yoga practices and its all down to her. I cannot recommend Katie highly enough. Anyone wishing to take up Yoga, do it, it’s life changing!

Sharon (Private Yoga classes)

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