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What is Private Yoga ?

Private Yoga classes are a fantastic way to begin or deepen your practice, or spend some time working with an injury or condition. Private Yoga classes enable you to experience the benefits of Yoga in a safe and personal way.

For new students:
As a new student, you may be intimidated by the idea of a public classroom environment, Katie’s private classes can provide you with the opportunity to focus on you, and ensure you are getting off to the most appropriate start.

Therapeutic Yoga:
For those working with an injury or a facing a condition, Katie can tailor the class just for your very own needs and requirements that will help you to practice Yoga safely and promote self-healing. Therapeutic private sessions can also help you manage your health conditions and possibly reduce the symptoms and stress that often comes with such injuries and conditions.

More experienced students:
Experienced students can find private classes of use too. If you are feeling stuck within your practice, or struggling with your breathing or alignment and would like to deepen your practice, Katie can help you with posture alignment and modifications to assist you in developing a balanced home practice.

Prenatal Yoga:
Katie is also available for private prenatal classes. For the many benefits of practising Yoga whilst pregnant, please refer to the Prenatal Yoga tab.

Private Yoga classes are also available in whichever location is preferable to you, either in your home or a small studio. Prices and packages vary, please use the contact page to make an enquiry.

Small private group classes are also available; please contact to obtain current rates.

Block courses of 6 private classes are also available.

Gift Vouchers are available for that special gift.

Yoga Guernsey , Yoga in Guernsey Yoga and Guernsey Private Yoga are specialist subjects of Katie Brocks YogaElements programme in Guernsey , Channel Islands.