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What is Prenatal Yoga ?

Prenatal Yoga offers tremendous benefits to women though every phase of pregnancy.

Many women can experience changes physically, emotionally and mentally. On a physical level yoga helps a woman to build and maintain her strength, stamina and flexibilty while at the same time helping to aliviate the discomforts such as lower back pain, swelling and fatigue.

Because of the hormonal changes taking place, women can also feel very emotional and it can also be common to experience mood swings or feel overly sensitive. Practising yoga helps to balance the endocrine system, and this can leave practitioners with a sense of well being and ease within themselves.

On a mental level, students will often experience feelings of anxiety when thinking about labor and childbirth. The meditative aspects of yoga help to calm the mind when anxiety-producing thoughts arise.

By practising yoga throughout her pregnancy a woman is also preparing for labor and childbirth. The strength gained through yoga asana will help her endure the physical demands of labor. Yoga’s breath awareness and pranayama techniques can also be used as a coping mechanism during and in between contractions.

Intergrating yoga’s meditative practices can encourage a women to stay present. Being present allows her to work with her body and can help labour to progress, decreasing the possibility of a prolonged labour.

Prenatal Yoga can provide the mother with a chance to connect with her baby in a busy modern day society. The benefits are endless and I look forward to sharing them with you!

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Private Prenatal Yoga classes are also available in whichever location is preferable to you, either in your home or a small studio. Prices and packages vary, please use the contact page to make an enquiry.

Katie is a registered prenatal yoga teacher with the International Yoga Alliance (ID 121391)